Project Bundles


Identity & Brand Foundation
Starting at $2,800

Discover your powerful purpose, bespoke business identity, naming direction, brand foundation, and memorable vibe. This service became our signature brand audit, a customized journey that put us on the map when it comes to brand strategy. This service offers consulting partnership at its finest with deep thinking and boat loads of discussion.


Optimize & Revamp
Starting at $

Develop and problem solve the programs and processes that deliver your elevated brand experience — from internal operations and culture to your user experience and brand reputation. Strategic consulting offers outside perspective and ideation, breaking down road blocks and re-thinking how your business needs to function, keeping brand in focus.


Educate & Reshape
Starting at $600

Get an instant cultural awakening for your team with internal employee trainings and workshops, tailor-fit to your needs. With endless options at your fingertips, we can create an exceptional learning session for all key players on your team. Teach everyone how they can deliver your elevated brand experience to customers on a daily basis, and love it.

By default, a business is not a brand.

But good branding builds remarkable businesses.

Our Signature Service starting at $3,400

Overhaul your name, look & vibe with a full brand audit & analysis of your current business identity. It’s not just about the way your branding presents itself. We develop your brand’s story based on your company’s vision, mission & values. The best part? I take team training off your plate, so the people working alongside you are aligned with — and inspired by — your new business identity. This signature service combines the Foundational Fix with the Founded Form services. This is our most in-depth consulting partnership, offering a full brand overhaul while educating necessary team members on the new brand identity and training on how to deliver your elevated brand experience on the daily.

Strategic Consulting at $150

Consulting at its finest. If you aren't sure where to begin, this is a great place to start. Initial strategic discussion provides clarity, direction, needs, and so many AHA! moments, we'll discover our next steps together.