Agency Services

At Fix & Form we pride ourselves on easy-to-digest services, giving you the most outcome for your investment. Each service bundle is centered around our core offering, strategic branding workshops. 

After a decade in the business, we've come to understand this signature service offering should be ground zero for every other creative and marketing service to come after. We believe a client should have an enjoyable experience with one team from start to finish while fixing or forming their brand. 

You're in such good hands!  

If you're ready to work with us on a regular basis instead of a project rate, you'd be better off choosing one of our approachable subscriptions to build a meaningful relationship with a team of intellectuals who will care about your brand as much as you do and help you get sh*t done... 

Signature Brand Foundation Workshop Bundle
$2800 (most successful with weekly sessions over 6-10 weeks)



This service is the ideal first step for those looking to partner with a master problem solver in forming a new brand or fixing an existing brand, and who do NOT want the additional add-on services listed in our service bundles.

** This service offers the most in-depth strategy work behind the best brands in a talk-therapy, workshop style manner. 

Starter Form Bundle
(New Brands)

This service FORMS new startup brands, meeting you at the very beginning to ideate, create, and build the business of your dreams.

Our Starter Form Bundle is offered to clients who are:

Custom Fix Bundle
(Existing Brands)

This service FIXES existing small & medium sized brands. Those seeking a comprehensive brand refresh to give it new life.

Our Custom Fix Bundle is offered to clients interested in:

Build Your Custom Bundle

We will help build your custom bundle based on your needs and existing brand qualifications

Step 1: Pick one brand foundation workshop
Mini Brand Workshop Series - $600
Small Brand Workshop Series - $1600
Full Brand Workshop Series - $2800


Step 2: Pick any visual design package
New Logo Design - $1600

New Logo + Collateral Design - $2400

New Logo + Collateral + Website Design - $6800 *starting

New Logo + Collateral + Website with Copywriting -  $7600  *starting

Logo Refresh - $1200
Logo + Collateral Refresh - $2000
Logo + Collateral + Website Refresh -  $6400 *starting
Logo + Collateral + Website Refresh with Copywriting -  $7200  *starting


Step 3: Pick any marketing activity

Social Media Management  (small) -  $350/mo
Social Media Management  (full) -  $500/mo
Email Sequence Marketing -  $115/each
Blog Posts  -  $300

Blog Bundles  -  $500/x2  or  $900/x4
Newsletters - $250/each

Start With Us Hourly

Not ready for the commitment but need a project done quickly? We get it, and we're here for that, too. Just send us a quick note to get the conversation started and we can discuss what you need done, by when, and for how much. It's that simple! 

Chief Brand Strategist | Role As A Service 
Monthly retainer set with client (most successful within 4-10 hours weekly)

In this RaaS (role as a service) you will experience all of the benefits of a Chief Brand Strategist focused on your business, without needing to hire someone full-time. Anne works alongside your executive leadership team in owning and managing the newly refreshed or formed brand, while managing internal and external freelancers and agencies involved in executing and delivering your brand. 

From graphic designers, to website developers, to copywriters, to PR, to SEO, to digital and social media marketing... Anne manages these many service providers and functions seamlessly while keeping your brand at the forefront. Anne has received recognition for this new role as a service from startup, small, and medium businesses looking for so much more in strategic brand management without hiring someone full-time.

** This service will be most successful and efficient when executed after a Signature Brand Foundation Workshop Bundle is completed. The more context, history, and relationship Anne has with you and your brand, the more successful this role operates for you.