Our Team

We are a team of intellectuals eager to listen to your goals, dreams, and vision for the brand of your future. This strategic branding team has both client and agency experience, as well as corporate,  small & medium, and startup business experience. 

We have a combined team history of 50+ years serving in the workforce with our talents and skill sets. We got you! 

Anne Gillaspie

What's up! I'm Anne. Did I miss the hat memo? Sure did, but at least I put on some lip gloss for you. 

I'm Anne, founder & owner of this fine branding agency, master strategist and chief problem solver. I loooooove what I do! I mean it. If we were sitting in a coffee shop for this introduction, you'd hear me use my favorite word (f*ck) when adding humor and empahsizing critical details in our surface level discussion... until I go deep. I'm so curious about people, processes, WHY, and take conversations to a deeper level, quickly. I thrive on it, as it gives me life. This quality makes me exceptional at my work, and I'll remind you, when searching for a brand strategist and business "therapist", you'll want to go deep, and fast. This allows me to get in and unravel all that may be standing in your way to building the brand of your dreams and soaring to new levels of your greatness. It's all waiting... right here for you.

I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration: Marketing, with a minor in Acting & Directing from Colorado State University. I'm a NATIVE (ehem) of Denver, CO and lived in Austin, TX for a hot (and I mean hot) minute but had to get back home to snow, mountains, and seasons! 

When I'm not working, I'm momming, and hard. I have three young kids, an amazing husband, and a loving sheepadoodle named Noodles. I live to dance, lift heavy weights, hike, snowboard, play board games, and have meaningful conversations. 

My greatest work pet peeve is endless emails when a quick phone call could solve the problem in a shorter amount of time. 

Abbie O'Brien

Hey guys, I'm Abbie, the "Creative Genius" for Fix & Form. After spending many years in the franchise industry as a Creative Director for an in-house team, I now create brands from a visual perspective - shaping their identity with logos, fonts, websites, and collateral. By creating purposeful, strategic designs, our clients are able to build deeper connections with their customers and reach their audiences with powerful images, colors, and designs.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Art + Communications and live in Conshohocken, PA with my husband, two daughters and two dogs.

I am a diehard yogi and instruct fellow yogis when I'm not creating. I love moving my body and focusing my mind in such a meaninful and meditative way, while also helping to guide others in this journey alongside me for every class.

My work pet peeve is when a client tells me the project is final. And then there's a tweak so I save it as FINALFINAL. And then there's another tweak and the file gets saved as FINALFINALFINAL. And sometimes there are more tweaks after other stakeholders are involved and I end up with a file titled xxxxxFINALFINALFINALFINALFINAL. LOL!

I'm so excited to partner with this team of highly efficient women, strategic thinkers, and assertive doers. We look forward to meeting you! 

Harper Lodge-Rigal

Hey there! I'm Harper, Fix & Form's resident copywriter! Originally from the Midwest, I ventured to Colorado a decade ago with my now-husband, and it's been an exciting journey ever since. Armed with a degree in Psychology and a Master's in Education, my true passion lies in nurturing and cultivating the talents of others. After almost ten years of teaching elementary school and serving as a graduate student coach and advisor, I launched Harper Rose Agency. Through this venture, I aim to help clients discover their unique voices through expert copywriting and thoughtful consulting. 

When you work with me you can expect: 

When I'm not writing, you can find me hiking in the mountains with my dog, Lando, sipping wine on patios with friends, or whipping up a cheese-forward dish in the kitchen. 

Work pet peeves? The dreaded chaos of a "reply-all" email chain!